Open Mat Jiu-Jitsu

Our open mat training is designed to give students the opportunity to practice in a more flexible class structure. These classes give the students an extra amount of time to review techniques that were taught in class and go over additional techniques they choose.

Sometimes students may want to pratice and drill situational positions, perfecting submissions or finishes, or work on counter-attacks and reversals. Open mat also allows students to do extra sparring rounds, giving you a chance for a better workout.

Instruction (Small Groups & Individual)

These classes also have instruction, whether it will be a small group of students going over the same technique or one-on-one instruction. Depending on class size and class level, there are times when a class can go over beginner, intermediate, and/or advanced BJJ techniques and concepts.

Open mat allows the instructor to work closely with each student and help answer additional questions a student may have, regardless of level.

Team Growth

Since everyone learns different techniques, positions and strategy at a different pace, our open mat training allows you to improve on your strengths and weaknesses. This also allows you to work closely with your teammates and help each other grow and get to the next level.

*Currently, our open mat training is only available to "active" Gracie Technics students (unless specifically noted otherwise).

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